FG (Football Glory) is a fantasy football manager online game. FG can only be played on the internet using any web browser, so you must have access to the internet and have a valid email address. Furthermore it would be an advantange to have one of the following chat programs installed on your system: ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger All three programs are used by many people all over the world.

FG is totally free. However, it is possible to sign up as paying manager and receive extra benefits.

FG is played using the forms we have provided on the pages. You become manager of a football team, and you seek to win as many matches, competitions and trophies as you possibly can. In doing this, you will need to administer your players, choose your tactics, scour the transfer market and so forth. Transfers will have to be negotiated with other managers by communicating with them. Either by email, in-game FG-Mail, ICQ, MSN or any other way you see fit.

This brings up how we would like for you to act in the game. We expect you to be focused on the game, and to participate in our discussions and other events that go on in the game. All in all to be an "active" manager, that's the keyword. The game cannot run with managers do not play the game.

The game has its own discussion forum, which includes announcements about the game and discussions regarding the game future, feature suggestions, complaints and so on.

In every league of the game there are 12 teams, all of them top teams from around Europe. This makes for 22 rounds each season, where all teams meet twice, both home and away, like in real life. When a season ends, teams at the bottom of the division are relegated and teams at the top of each division are either promoted and/or have won trophies.

FG also has a Cup competition, friendly matches and a Charity match at the start of each season, played by the winner of Division 1 and the winner of the Cup. With these matches and the basic league tournament, a season takes about 3 months to complete, making 4 seasons per year.

There are no sackings / removals of managers due to bad results in the game. However we do remove some managers from the game due to cheating, bad sportsmanship, inactivity or bad behaviour.

Let us say this crystal-clear, once and for all : We do not tolerate cheaters or rude people!! Anyone found cheating or bringing the game into disrepute will be fired from their teams immediately, with the possiblity of a permanent or temporary ban. We think we are being very fair about this.

To contact us please write us at: support@footballglory.com

We thank you for your time, and hope to see you in our game very soon.

Yours Truly,
Gamemaster Bryan Stanley
On behalf of the FG Board