Football (also known as "soccer" in some countries) is basically a sport which began in the United Kingdom in which two teams of eleven players are trying to kick the gaming ball into the opposite team's goal by using any body part except arms. The only exception is the goalkeeper, who can use his hands inside the territory nearby the goal (called penalty area) to prevent the opposition team from scoring. For further explanation of the game, rules, history, etc, it is highly recommended to check the official FIFA site (page available in English, Spanish, German and French).

     Footballglory or "FG" is an online, browser-based, football (soccer) management game. In the early days it was known as "European Soccer manager" or "Esm". The game was born from a predecessor football manager game called WfS and was created by Dane, Morten Sandholdt along with Norwegian, Edgar Vorland. Footballglory is a game played only over the Internet in which the participating players take the role of managers of different football clubs with the aim to guide their teams to victory. Teams are divided into different divisions and depending on their results they can get promoted to upper divisions or be relegated to lower ones. Managers must interact among themselves in order to agree transfers, loans, friendly matches, etc. In Football Glory managers are responsible for all aspects of the technical decisions related to their teams. They decide which players to purchase, sell, who will play in which matches, arrange friendly matches, etc. They are the ones in full charge of the team they have chosen to manage.

     In order to participate in Football Glory you need to register as a new user by supplying the information required in the registration page

     When applying for a team, the manager with the most manager points will get it. Paying managers have preference over the non-paying ones. You can only apply for a job from the Team Application page inside your Office page. Requesting a job by email to the board is not possible and will be ignored, so please do not try it


     A season is the length of time in which the competitions are played. These competitions include the league, cup, friendly matches and international competitions (for paying managers only).

     The dates for all matches are announced under the upcoming events section on the main page.

     Matches are played at 12:00 CET (GMT+1). League matches are played on Saturdays and Tuesdays - Cup matches and friendlies are played on Thursdays. With National Teams playing on Sundays. The outcome of each match is calculated based on the skills of each involved player and the tactics used. Home/away status is also a factor. Of course, there is still a bit of randomness involved to avoid having the same teams always winning and keep the game interesting.

     2.1 Friendly matches
         Season starts with 3 or 4 pre-season friendly matches before the league. Sundays alternate between club friendly matches and national team World Cup matches. There are also other friendly dates available on Thursdays once your team is knocked out of the cup. You will only be able to select them if you are no longer playing in the cup and you will only be able to play against other teams in the same situation. There also may be international friendly matches for the national teams that are knocked out of the World Cup.
Players do not accumulate disciplinary points from friendly matches.
Club friendlies give one manager point to the managers of both teams despite the result.

         To register a friendly the manager needs to go to the Friendly Registration page and select one of the available dates from the drop-down menu. A new drop-down menu will appear and the manager has to open it and select an opponent to challenge. If the opponent accepts the challenge the friendly match will be created and played on the specified day.

         Alternatively, the manager can choose to have the game set up his/her club's friendlies automatically. If this option is enabled, the game will wait until the very last possible minute allowed for normal friendly registrations and, if the club doesnt already have a game set for that day, it will automatically pick an opponent who also has that option enabled.

         While the automatic friendly registration option is enabled the manager can still try to manually find opponents for the friendlies. The automatic friendly registration option will only take effect if the manager fails to find an opponent before the deadline.

     2.2 Cup matches
         The Cup is a single-match knockout tournament in which all teams in Football Glory are involved. It starts with preliminary round for the lower division teams (Round 1, involving all 4th and 3rd division teams and some randomly picked 2nd division ones) and the winners will join the rest of teams in Round 2. If the result is even after 90 minutes, then extra time is played (players will lose more condition than normal due to extra time). If the score is still level, then a penalty shoot-out takes place. All the winners go through to the next round.

         The fixtures for the next rounds and the venues of the matches will be randomly chosen. The Semi-Finals and Final will be played at neutral grounds. All Cup matches are played on Thursdays at 12:00 CET. All Cup matches give £2,000,000 to each participating team Managers earn 1 point from every Cup game their team has played plus additional 2 points if they win the match. The Winner will get an additional £8,000,000 and 5 extra manager points while the loosing finalist gets an additional £3,000,000 and 2 extra manager points.

     2.3 League matches
         The league is a long competition which contains 22 rounds. Every team plays two matches against all other teams in the same division: home and away. The league pyramid includes 4 divisions. Except Division 1 the rest of the Divisions have sub-groups: division 2 has 3 sub-groups, division 3 has 12 sub-groups, and division 4 has 24 sub-groups. In the league teams are awarded 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and none for defeat. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs are not used in the league. The league matches are played on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 12:00 CET. The First Division Winner gets £10,000,000. After the season has finished, some teams get promoted to higher division and some get relegated to lower ones. Here is what happens with the promoting and relegating teams:

             -Division 1: The top team in this division is the Champion. The bottom three teams get relegated to Division 2. One relegated team goes into each of the three Division 2 sub-groups
             -Division 2: The Winners of the three sub-groups will be promoted to Division 1 The bottom four teams in the table will be relegated to Division 3.One team goes to each of the twelve Division 3 sub-groups.
             -Division 3: The Winners of each Division 3 sub-groups will be promoted to a randomly chosen Division 2 sub-groups. The bottom four teams will be relegated to randomly chosen Division 4 sub-groups.
             -Division 4: The Top two teams from each sub-group will be promoted to randomly chosen Division 3 sub-groups. No teams get relegated from Division 4

         Manager points:
             -Division 1: 4 points for match played, 6 points for a win, 3 for a draw
             -Division 2: 3 points for match played, 4 points for a win, 2 for a draw
             -Division 3: 2 points for match played, 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw
             -Division 4: 1 point for match played, 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw

     2.4 Charity Matches
         At the start of each season a charity match is played. The Trophy Shield has Division 1 Champion Vs. Cup Winner as contenders. If the Division 1 Champion and Cup Winner are the same team, the Cup Runner-Up will play. The match is played on neutral ground. This match has no expenses or income, it is all for charity, honour and show.
     Charity matches give 5 manager points for playing them and another 5 for the winner.

     2.5 World Cup
         Every season in Football Glory includes a World Cup competition. To play in the World Cup you need to have a National Team. Only the paying managers can manage a National Team.

         Before each season's World Cup, every National Team sets a goal for its performance during the competition. The goal is based on the relative quality of each National Team's top players (e.g., if Brazil's top players are the most skilled compared to every other National Team, it will have the highest possible goal). The National Team goals usually require a certain amount of progress in the competition (e.g., if the goal is "finish 3rd place in the Group Phase", the National Team must achieve 3rd place in that phase at a minimum to satisfy its goal).

         Since the Knockout Phase does not involve a seeding process, there is an exception to the general rule for determining a National Team's progress towards its goal. If two National Teams meet during the Knockout Phase and both have goals which are "higher" than the current round, the losing team does not fail its goal (consider that in real life when a National Team faces Brazil in the round 16, most supporters will accept a loss because they consider Brazil a clear favorite). As an example of this rule, if during the Round of 32 Knockout Phase, National Team A which has a "Reach the Quarter-Finals" goal is paired with National Team B which has a "Reach the Round of 16" goal, both National Teams will satisfy their goal even if they lose the match (because both teams have goals that are greater than "Reach the Round of 32").

         As soon as it is mathematically impossible for a National Team to reach its goal for the World Cup, the manager will be sacked for poor performance. Any paying manager which has not yet managed a National Team during the same season may apply for the National Team and is able to manage the team through any remaining matches without a performance goal (i.e, as a "caretaker" manager). The main advantage of becoming a "caretaker" manager (even if there are no remaining international fixtures) is that the "caretaker" manager is able to manage that National Team in the following season (if the manager continues to be a paying manager).

         National Team Job and Application rules
             Before the WC draw is made, any paying manager can apply for free teams but if you get the job you cannot apply for another one anymore. Managers who reached the minimum goal for their National Team will be able to apply for a free team (even if they got their initial job before the WC started). If they get a new job now, they cannot apply again until the end of the season. This is to stop managers from moving from one team to the other endlessly. Thus, managers can change NTs once before the World Cup starts. If a manager has reached the NT goal, (s)he is allowed to change to another NT once after the World Cup start. This includes managers who achieved their goals in the exceptional case (of National Team A & B) decribed above. Managers who move to another NT after the start of the WC sometimes move to a NT which has a goal that could not yet have been achieved. The new manager can be fired from his new NT if he fails the goal. Generally, managers who failed their NT and are fired as a consequence have to wait until the next season before they can apply for another NT again.

         The World Cup has two phases:

         Group Phase
             All National Teams will be seeded and randomly drawn into 16 different groups of 4 teams. Each team plays home and away matches against the other teams in its group. The top two teams from each group qualify for the next stage.

         Knockout Phase
             All matches in the Knockout Phase are played on a neutral ground. The top team from Group 1 will play the second from Group 2 and the top team from Group 2 will play against the second from Group 1. The draw carries on the same way until the fixture is completed. If the score is level after 90 minutes, Extra Time is played(players will lose more condition than normal due to extra time). If the match is still even after extra time, a penalty shoot-out will take place. The winner goes through to the next round. The winners from the two Semi-finals will play in the Final and the Winner of that match is World Champion!

     In both the League and World Cup Qualifying tables, if two teams have equal points then the position of the teams will be decided according to the following sequence:
         1) Goal difference
         2) Goals scored
         3) Most wins
         4) Most away goals
         5) Most away wins

     No manager points are given for international matches.

     2.6 National Friendlies
         After the group stage of the World Cup is over, the National Teams that did not qualify to the Knockout Phase will have the chance to play friendly matches against eachother. For this, the managers will have to register the friendlies in the same manner as the club friendlies.


     With the term "players" we will refer to those virtual players allocated on the different teams in the game whereas we will use the term "manager" to those real people playing the game on the Internet. The players are the backbone of your team. The better they are the more chances you have to win a match. All players are able to play in any position, but they will perform poorly if playing in a position that does not effectively utilize their skills. It is up to the managers to learn the best positions to place their players and which are their strong and weak skills.

     3.1 Player Stats

         The player stats are the way in which the skills of the players are numerically represented. These skill values do not represent our evaluation of real players and are purely fictional. The maximum value of any skill is 175, while the minimum is 1. The higher the skill value is the better the player is at that skill. The players in Football Glory are rated in several skills:

         Age (AGE)
             This represents the player's age. This value is not rated on the usual 1-175 scale, and it directly represents the player's age. This is a very important factor affecting the end of season player update. Additionally, players aged 33 or older may retire at the end of the season.

         Keeping (KEE)
             This is the goalkeeper's skill at preventing the opponent from scoring. It is only useful for the goalkeeper, but it is his main skill and is extremely important.

         Tackling (TCK)
             This is the ability to make and successfully perform a tackle. It is an important skill for defenders and of great importance for sweepers.

         Marking (MAR)
             This is the ability to successfully mark an opposite player and prevent him from taking a significant role in the match. It is useful for defensive midfielders and very important for defenders.

         Positioning (POS)
             This is the ability to be well-placed on the pitch and well-positioned for defensive situations. Important for midfielders, defenders and the goalkeeper and of great importance for defensive midfielders.

         Passing (PAS)
             This is the skill to make a good pass. Important for defensive midfielders, midfielders, attacking midfielders and wingers.

         Off the Ball (OFF)
             This is the ability to get free from the opponent's defenders and into a position where teammates can pass to the player. It is important for attackers, attacking midfielders and wingers.

         Shooting (SHO)
             This skill indicates the player's ability to score goals from both short and long range. It is an offensive skill important for attackers, wingers and attacking midfielders.

         Influence (INF)
             This stat represents the charisma and experience of a player. It is an important skill for defensive midfielders and very important for sweepers and goalkeepers as well as for the team's captain.

         Aerial Skill (AIR)
             This represents the ability of goalkeepers at catching and punching the ball in the air and of the field players for heading and controlling the ball in the air. Important for all players, specially for goalkeepers, defenders, defensive midfielders and attackers

         Technique (TEC)
             This represents the technical abilities of the player. Important for players making creative passes and dribbling past opponents such as the attacking midfielders.

         Speed (SPE)
             This indicates the maximum speed of the player. Of great importance for wingers and wingbacks.

         Stamina (STA)
             This reflects on how long can a player play without starting to feel tired. Players with high stamina values lose less condition after matches and recover faster than those will low stamina values. Accordingly, this is one of the most important skills for all players.

         Condition (CON)
             This represents the current physical condition of the player. A player with low condition will contribute less to his team and will have a higher chance of becoming injured during the match. Condition will drop after matches or injuries. How well a player can play based on his condition will be considered before the match. His performance in the match will not be affected from his condition getting lower during the game. This stat has a maximum value of 100.

     3.2 Player updates

         A player update takes place at the end of each season. During the update the players get one year older and their skills are revised according to age, how much they have played, the types of matches they played, the club's Training Facilities, etc. Players older than 31 may retire at the end of the season depending on their age and the amount of matches they played last season. The oldest players have the greatest chance of retiring, whereas the more matches they play the less chance they will retire. Goalkeepers generally retire later than outfield players.

     3.3 Youth Players

         On the first day of each season, during the season update, each club receives between one and three new players for free. These players are aged 16, 17 or 18 (randomly) and their skills are also randomly generated.

     3.4 Renaming Youth Players

         - The names of the recently created youth players can be changed by the manager of the club. This feature is only available to Paying Managers.

When picking a new name for a player, a few rules must be followed:

         - The names must not be in the game already.
         - You cannot rename a player like a manager in the game.
         - The names should be appropriate for the player's nation of origin.
         - The name must not be offensive to anybody.
         - The name must be a serious name fit for a roleplaying environment. No jokes, smileys or word games.
         - If one of the conditions is not fulfilled, the board will rename the player.

     3.5 Training Facilities

         The club's Training Facilities is the place where the senior players train. Higher quality facilities will result in an overall improvement in the seasonal skills update of each player that belongs to the club. Investing in upgrading and maintaining a high level of Training Facilities is generally a good idea but keep in mind that there are costs involved and the higher levels cannot be easily afforded.
Every club starts with the most basic level possible (level 1) and has the option to upgrade up to level 4, which is the highest possible. To upgrade to the next level, the manager simply needs to click the upgrade button and confirm. It will take some days before the upgrade process is complete.
Here's a list with all the upgrade prices and building times:

             Level 1 -> This level is free and all clubs start with it automatically.
             Level 2 -> This level costs £7mil and takes 7 days to complete.
             Level 3 -> This level costs £14mil and takes 14 days to complete.
             Level 4 -> This level costs £21mil and takes 21 days to complete.

         Every week, the game will keep track of what training level the club was using (sunday night). The total value (13 weeks) will be used in the player skill updates at the end of the season. Each week counts... for example, if a club uses level 3 on the first 11 weeks of the season and level 4 on the last 2 weeks, the update will be a bit worse than if they had used level 3 on the first 9 weeks and level 4 on the last 4 weeks.

         Since each level has a different weekly upkeep cost associated with it, the manager has the option to choose what level of training they want to be using for the current week. Even if the club has Training Facilities of Level 4, the manager can still choose other levels in some weeks, to save up some money. The weekly upkeep costs will be deducted every sunday night.
         Here's a list with all the upgrade prices and building times:

             Level 1 -> This level has no weekly costs.
             Level 2 -> This level costs £250k per week.
             Level 3 -> This level costs £600k per week.
             Level 4 -> This level costs £1.2mil per week.

         If at the time of weekly payment the club doesn't have enough money to pay for the currently selected level, the club will automatically use Level 1 and will still pay for the currently selected level, which will result in a negative bank balance. Level 1 will automatically be selected for the following weeks unless the manager selects a new level to use.

         Additionally, the manager has the option to sell some of their Training Facilities levels. To do this, the manager must check the checkbox to agree on the selling price and then click the "SELL" button and confirm.
It is, however, not adviseable to sell Training Facilities levels. You will only receive half of what that level is worth. If you ever want to rebuild it again you'll have to pay the full price and wait for the construction time all over again. Do this only if you urgently need to and have no other alternatives left!

         Training facilities and their upkeep are expensive. Especially the upkeep of level 4 is high. This has resulted in a higher number of bankruptcies. The Football Glory Football Association therefore from season 35 onwards requires clubs that upgrade to a level beyond what they are expected to have to set aside an amount of money equal to one season of upkeep of the new level. This amount is called an "escrow": It is money temporarily held by a third party such that the club cannot access. Overtime, the third party will gradually return the escrow to the club. Each week after finishing the newly built level, the club receives an amount equal to the upkeep. This continues until the escrow is exhausted.

         The FG FA has decided that the following training facility levels are considered appropriate:

             Division 1 -> Level 4
             Division 2 -> Level 3
             Division 3 -> Level 2
             Division 4 -> Level 1

         Upgrading in line with this benchmark can be done without setting an escrow aside. However, if i.e. a club playing in division 3 wants to upgrade to level 3, it will have to be able to set aside the escrow of £7.8 million (= 13 x £600K). As a result, the club needs to have at least £21,8 million (= £14mil upgrade costs + £7.8mil escrow) in order to be able to start building level 3.

         The Training Facilities have been introduced in season 27. After building their levels, it started to charge upkeep and affect updates from season 28 onwards.


     In this chapter we will explain how to pick your best players and choose a formation for a match. Also you can read here about the disciplinary suspensions and penalties for illegal formations.

     4.1 Positions

         - Goalkeeper (GK)

             The goalkeeper's aim is to prevent the opponent from scoring by all means. He is the only player on the field, allowed to touch the ball with every part of his body inside his penalty area in front of his goal and is generally the last player able to stop the ball going into the net. Therefore he needs safe hands, quick reactions and the ability to get above the opponents in dead-ball situations. The other important skill is his instinct which will help him read the opposite team's attacks and shots on goal.

         - Defender (DF)

             His duty is to mark the opposite team players (mainly the strikers) and prevent them from getting too close to his goalkeeper or scoring goals. He has to be strong so he can make good tackles to get the ball away from his team's penalty area.

         - Sweeper (SW)

             The sweeper is the special defender who does not have to man-to-man mark an opponent, but to be ready in case any of the other defenders in his team fail to make the tackle. He is also a player of great influence on the game who should predict where his teammates may fail and correct their mistakes. He has to be extremely accurate with his tackles, because he usually plays inside his own box and a failure to make a good tackle could result in a penalty kick and often a red card. A Sweeper is an optional position that is counted as a Defender in the team formation. You may only select one SW.

         - Wingback (WB)

             The wingbacks are usually normal defenders, placed on the left or on the right side. Apart from their defensive tasks they have to help out the midfield with runs up and down the field and cross a good ball to the strikers. A Wingback is an optional position that is counted as 1/2 Defender and 1/2 Midfielder in the team formation. You may either use 0 or 2 WBs.

         - Defensive Midfielder (DM)

             The defensive midfielder plays in front of the defenders and their main responsibility is to defend. During games, these hardworking players are tactically skilled and use this to their advantage in order to position themselves well in order to intercept and negate the opposition's attack and help initiate a counter-attack. Not being technically gifted, defensive midfielders prefer quick and short passes to nearby teammates and do not dwell on the ball nor score proficently.

         - Midfielder (MF)

             The midfielders are the players primarily responsible for keeping the ball moving for their team and dictating tempo. They are equally adept at defensive and attacking roles.

         - Winger (WI)>

             The wingers are very offensive midfielders placed on one of the sides on the pitch. Their main job is to get rid of their marker and get a good cross in the opponent team's penalty area. A winger is an optional position that is counted as a Midfielder in the team formation. You may select 0-2 Wingers in your line up.

         - Attacking Midfielder (AM)

             This player is the main connection between the midfield and the strikers. His aim is both to make the last pass that leaves the defenders unguarded towards the attacker and to find a hole to shoot for himself if the attackers are well marked. This is generally the most talented player in the team and not many players are capable of playing well as attacking midfielders. An Attacking Midfielder is an optional position that is counted as a Midfielder in the team formation.

         - Attacker (AT)

             The attackers are the players in charge to successfully convert their teammates efforts by scoring a goal. Given the strong defensive schemes used nowadays in football the strikers need to be very effective when they get the opportunity to score a goal. Their only job is scoring goals and it does not matter how they do it, as long as they haven't used their hands and the ball is into the net it is a goal.

     4.2 Formation

         Football Glory allows you to choose different formations that suit your taste. This allows you to choose the best formation for you team and with the help of your players you can win the tactical battle against your opponent. You can create a huge amount of different formations with just some simple restrictions to keep some tactical coherence on the pitch. Any formation that does not follow one or more of the following rules is illegal formation:

             - 1 Goalkeeper (GK)
             - 0 - 1 Sweeper (SW)
             - 1 - 6 Defenders (DF)
             - 0 OR 2 Wingbacks (WB)
             - 0 - 2 Defensive Midfielders (DM)
             - 0 - 6 Midfielders (MF)
             - 0 - 2 Wingers (WI)
             - 0 - 2 Attacking Midfielders (AM)
             - 1 - 4 Attackers (AT)

         - 11 players in total:
             Your team must have 11 players in total on the pitch, you cannot have more or less than that. The formation you choose will be kept until you change it or one or more of your players are sold or suspended. In this case, if you do not change the formation yourself it will be considered as an illegal formation and AI will fix it. You are allowed to change the line-up of your team no later than 5 minutes before the match starts. To make sure you are a using correct line up we advise you to check your team tactic at least a day before the match.

         - 1 Goalkeeper:
             You must use a goalkeeper and only one.

         - 3 Defenders:
             You need to have at least 3 defenders on the pitch and you can have a maximum number of 6. DFs and SW's are counted as 1 defender each. WB's are a bit special, you can only use none or 2, one for each side of the pitch, you cannot use only 1 or more than 2 wingbacks. They count for the team formation as 1/2 Defender and 1/2 Midfielder as explained already. So if you use WB's that means you have 1 defender and 1 midfielder in your team formation.

         - 3 Midfielders:
             Same as the defenders, you need at least 3 midfielders and a maximum of 6 on the pitch. DM's, MF's, WI's and AM's all count for 1 midfield position. WB's if used will count as 1/2 Defender and 1/2 Midfielder, so if you use them you will get another midfield position.

         - 1 Attacker:
             You need to place at least one attacker on the pitch, with a maximum number of 4. The only position that counts for attacker is AT.

         - Captain:
             You need to select one of your players as captain. Your captain should be a player with high influence to encourage his teammates and should also be in good condition. If you do not choose a captain it won't be considered as an illegal formation, so you won't get a penalty but you are loosing the advantage to have a captain.

     4.3 Team Talks

         Team talks allow the manager to tell his players how he wants them to play during the match. There are 5 distinct team talk possibilities:

         These first 3 options are tactical choices. They will not make your team play better or worse. They'll make your team play differently. There is not "right" or "wrong" style. Different approaches will benefit you in different situations depending on many factors such as the players you have available, your tactics, the opponent's players and tactics, if you're playing home or away, etc.

         - Normal
             This is the option you use when you want your players to play normally. They will focus equally on their defensive and offensive duties. They will not be extra aggressive and they wont tire themselves more than usual.

         - Defend
             Using a defensive strategy will cause your players to defend better and concede less goals. On the other hand, you'll attack worse and, as a consequence, score less goals. Playing a defensive style will make your players get slightly less tired after the match. They will, however, receive slightly more cards that usual.

         - Attack
             Using this team talk you'll be telling your players to focus on attack moves. Your team will attack more efficiently but they will also defend less efficiently. Beware that when you focus on attacking you can concede more goals as well. Playing an attacking style will cause your players to get slightly more fatigued but they will also receive a slightly smaller number of yellow and red cards.

         These last 2 options WILL affect the strength of your players for the next match:

         - Match of the Season
             When you tell your players the next match is the most important match of the season they will give their best to win. As a result, it can only be used once per season - you cant tell them that the next match is the most important one when you already told them the one last week was the most important, they will simply not listen anymore! This team talk will make your players play better but they will also tire more during the match. The number of cards will be unaffected.

         - Play calmly
             You can tell your players to relax and not worry about winning the next match. They will play worse than usual and they won't really fight during the match. This team talk results in a much smaller amount of cards and players tire less during the match.


         Dont expect miracles. No matter how bravely you play, its still possible to lose easy games. No matter how defensively you play, its still possible to concede. No matter how well you attack, its still possible to miss all chances and lose 1-0
         The teamtalks are a tool to help everyone. This means you AND your opponent. They will also use this against you so pick carefuly. Scouting your opponent's previous matches will now be more important than ever before. You can view your own club's teamtalk for each of it's previous matches on the match report page. It's located below the ball possession bar.

     4.4 Unavailable players

         Sometimes you won't be able to use a player from your team due to one of the following reasons:

             - Loaned Out
                 You cannot use a player you have loaned out to a different team until the player's loan is finished and he is back in your team. These players will have a status of N/A instead of their position in the squad setup page.

             - Suspended
                 Players will be suspended for being sent off during matches or by accumulating too many yellow cards. Take in consideration that although the player is suspended he can still be selected in the team formation, but this will result in an illegal formation and therefore the AI will fix it:

                     -- Friendly matches:
                         Players will not receive suspensions for their behaviour in friendly matches.

                     -- League and Cup:
                         Players will get a one-match suspension for every 15 suspension points they get. A yellow card is considered as 5 points while a red card is considered as 15 points. The cards your players receive in the league and in the cup are counted together, so a player who is suspended will miss the next league or cup match. Suspensions are cumulative, so as a player achieves 30 suspension points, 45, etc, he receives another suspension. Suspension points are reset to 0 at the start of every new season but the suspension carries over to the next season, so if a player is suspended at the end of the season he will serve suspension on the first official match of next season.

                     -- World Cup:
                         Players will get a one-match suspension for every 15 suspension points they get. A yellow card is considered as 5 points while a red card is considered as 15 points. The cards the players receive in qualifying phase are transferred to the final phase but they do not count for the next season's World Cup competition. Like with club suspensions, if a player is suspended at the end of the season he will serve suspension on the first official National Team match of next season

             - Not called up
                 If you manage a national team you will have to call up to the squad the players you choose. You will not be able to use any players which have not been called up to the squad. If you don't have 22 players called up by the start of the match the AI will choose the missing ones randomly. All national teams must have 22 players called up.

             - Injuries
                 Players are only injured during matches and injuries are only applied at the end of the match, as substitutes have not yet been implemented in to the game.
                 Injuries can only occur when a player's condition falls below a certain level, although Team Talks can affect the calculated figure, much like they affect the players other's statistics.
                 The severity of injuries differ, again depending upon the player's condition when the injury occurred, but also upon a random factor - in general, the lower the condition of the player, the longer the player could be injured for.
                 A player's condition is drastically reduced upon becoming injured.
                 An estimated recovery date is shown for players, however, sometimes the player will recover before this date, sometimes it will require a bit longer - possible recovery is determined during the daily condition update.
                 A player has the chance of being injured in every game he plays, where his condition meets the requirements. However, each competitive match type has it's own chance modifier, meaning players are less likely to be injured during non-competitive games. The chances of being injured whilst on international duty are also lower.

     4.5 Illegal formations

         Any formation submitted that does not follow any of the rules above by the time the match starts will be considered as an illegal formation. When the game detects an illegal formation at the match time it will try to fix it in the most similar way to the line-up selected if possible. Keep in consideration this doesn't have to be the best solution or not even close to it, so always try to submit correct line-ups to avoid problems.

         The FG board will not be held liable for any substitutions the AI makes, if an illegal formation is submitted. To ensure that your preferred squad selection is played, always make sure that a valid lineup is selected. Matches will not be replayed in the event that the AI makes substitutions, due to an incorrect formation being submitted.

         If any team fails to field a Goalkeeper for a match, they will forfeit the match 3-0 and be fined £1,000,000. Further to this, if the team only possesses 1 Goalkeeper they will have an extra Goalkeeper randomly assigned to them from the Free Transfer List, for a fee of £200,000.

         If any team fails to field a 11 players for a match, they will also forfeit the match 3-0 and be fined £1,000,000.

         If a manager fails to field either 11 players or 1 GK for more than 3 matches throughout the season, then they will be fired from the club with immediate effect.

     4.6 National Teams

         National teams were created to add a new depth and realism in FG. They also create a fun new competition - the World Cup.
         Managing a national team is a privilege given to the paying managers. Abusing this privilege for personal benefit is inappropriate and unfair to the other managers. National teams should be treated with respect and managed fairly.
         Here's a couple of guidelines to help make national teams a bit more fair:

         - Treat the players from other clubs with respect, just like you'd like yours to be treated in other national teams.
         - Act like a real manager and try to do the best job possible in the World Cup.
         - Above all, try to treat all players equally, regardless of if they belong to your club or someone else's.

         To ensure all players have a fair career, the admins will keep an eye open for potential abuses and will judge each case individually and in the fairest way possible. The punishments will range from a simple warning at the start to firing the offending manager from the national team for repeated abuses.


     In this chapter we will cover the different ways to make player transfers between teams, loans, etc.

     5.1 Signing fee

         In all transfer relationships between clubs, the buying team will pay the player 4 times the player wage in signing fee, if the transfer value is more than £0.2mil. (Transfers made via a negotiation will always pay a signing fee, regardless of transfer value.) E.g. a player with a wage of £200,000 is bought for £5m, the team will then have to pay £5m + (4 x 200,000) a total of £5,800,000. You will need to have both the transfer money and the sign on fee in order to be able to complete the deal.

     5.2 Agreed Transfer

         To purchase a player you will need to contact the other manager by the method of your choosing, e.g., FGM (Football Glory Mail), Email, Skype, Facebook, FG Forums, etc. After you have reached an agreement with the other manager it is necessary that BOTH managers register the transfer on the transfer registration page. The purchasing manager will also have to pay the signing fee, if the value of the transfer exceeds £0.2mil or the deal involved multiple players from both teams. If you are new in the game and you have an offer for any of your players, we recommend that you ask one of the experienced managers or transfer admins for advice. The best way of doing this is to post a message to the game forum and/or ask a few different managers via Skype/Facebook/etc...

     5.3 Player Exchanges

         It is also possible in Football Glory to agree on player exchanges between teams. The method is quite similar to the Agreed transfers and you are allowed to exchange one or more players for a different amount of players and/or add money to the transfer. As usual, the teams will also have to pay the signing fees. If you are new to the game and you have a p/x offer for any of your players, you better ask one of the experienced managers or admins for advice. The best way of this is to post a message to the game forum and/or ask few different managers via Skype/Facebook/etc...

     5.4 Auctions

         The auctions are a useful system for buying and selling players, especially if you are not 100% sure how much your player is worth. By placing him on auction, other managers will have between 1 and 3 days to place bids and, at the end of the auction, the highest bidder signs the player. With enough luck and persistence, its also possible to sign a player at a bargain price. If a player does not sell, he automatically becomes available on Instant Transfer after the end of the auction, for a price equal to the starting bid of the auction.

         To place a player on auction go to his player profile, select the auction option and enter a starting price.

         To start an auction, the following requirements must be met:
         - The player must not be on loan.
         - The player must not be on auction already.
         - The player must not be included in any current transfer negotiations.
         - Your team must have less than 5 players already on auction.
         - Your team must have at least 18 players not on auction.

         To bid on an auction, the following requirements must be met:
         - Your team must have less than 49 players.
         - Your team must have enough money to cover the current bid AND all others you are leading.
         - Your team must place the bid before the deadline is reached.

         Auction rules:
         - The auction deadline is automatically set for 3 days after the auction starts, Paying Managers also have the option to choose 1 or 2 days, instead of 3, for the length of their auctions.
         - The value of each bid equals the starting or current bid + 0.1mil.
         - When a bid is made in the last 5 minutes before the deadline, the deadline will be set to 5 minutes after the bid. So there will always be 5 minutes between the last bid and the deadline.
         - When the deadline is reached the auction will be closed and the player will move to his new team (if any) at the first minute of the following hour. Paying managers will receive their players immediately following the auction end, providing they are online.
         - Like on all other transfers, when signing a player on auction, if the value of the transfer is more than 0.2mil the team will pay a signing bonus to the player equal to 4 times his wage (4*wage).

         Auction Features:
         - Managers will receive an FGM when they are outbid.
         - Managers will receive an FGM when a player in their shortlist is placed on auction.
         - Players who are unsold at Auction will become available on Instant Transfer for the same price as their starting bid.

         Forced Auctions:
         - Players signed to a team, who do not play at least 1 match in 3 seasons, will be automatically put up for auction at the start of the new season. This is called a Forced Auction.
         - Teams with managers who have not been in charge for a full season, are exempt from Forced Auctions.
         - Forced Auctions have a starting bid of £0.1m and any profits from the sale will be returned to the team. However, if there are no bids at the end of a Forced Auction, the player will be released to the Free Transfer List.

         Full information on the auction system can be found in this post on the forums.

     5.5 Instant Transfers

         If an auction ends without any bids, the player will become available for Instant Transfer for the same price as the starting bid of the auction. This means a player can be bought instantly from a team, without the need for negotiation or waiting for an auction to end.
You can remove a player from the Instant Transfer list after the auction by setting the players status to 'No Status' on the Player Profile page. The only way the player can then be added to Instant Transfer is if he is put back up for auction and remains unsold once it has finished.
When signing a player on instant transfer, a signing fee equal to 4 times the players wage is applicable, if the value of the transfer exceeds 0.2mil.

     5.6 Free Transfers

         You may put a player on the free transfer list by selecting it in his player profile. Take in to consideration that placing good players on free transfer will be suspicious and therefore investigated. The game will not allow you to free transfer an important team player. This is defined by the player age and wage. To get a free listed player simply go to the player profile and press the instant buy button. Free transfers have a special sign up fee of 200,000. You do not need to have that money to complete the transfer, although you will be in debt and the indebtedness restrictions will apply as usual.

     5.7 Loans

         A loan is the temporary lending of a player from one club to another. The player's wage will still be paid by his owner team, but he will play for the other team. This is typically a mutually beneficial deal, in which the player's owner team is giving the player opportunity to play more games, which he wont be able to do in his team, while the loaner team gets a player they can use with not even paying his wage for the time specified. You may list for loan as many players as you want, but you can only loan out up to 4 players, while you can only take on loan a maximum of 3 players. Also, the minimum loan term is 30 days, while you won't be able to register any loans in the last 29 days of the league competition. The maximum loan term is up to the end of the season. In order for the loan to get through both managers involved have to register the loan. Also, if both managers agree, a loan can be cancelled if the first 30 days have passed. Please also note that it is not allowed to reach loan agreements outside the loan registration page (like transfer a player to one team to be transfered back later or other methods).

     5.8 Special Transfer Rules
         - You are not able to purchase a player if you do not have enough money to pay both the transfer fee and the sign up fee.
         - You are not able to transfer a player currently on loan. You will need to end the loan first.
         - You are not allowed to make free transfer or cheaply transfer a player to other team just to help him out.
         - You are not allowed to agree on monetary transfers and then transfer them back to you to get credit to solve your financial situation.
         - You are not allowed to transfer one or more players to a team to be transfered back later thereby avoiding the loan rules.

         If a manager is discovered violating of the above rules, or if the administrators find other similar situations not yet covered by these rules, the board will take the actions they consider necessary, like issuing warnings for very unfair or suspicious deals, issuing monetary fines to the teams involved, transferring players back to their original teams and/or applying any other punishment deemed appropriate, including firing the managers of the respective teams involved. The board may also reverse any deals that are considered especially unfair, abusive, irrational or inadequate in any way.

     5.9 Transfer Reversals
         Football Glory is different from many other games of the same genre in the sense that the clubs and their squads are permanent. They don't get reset and replaced when a manager leaves the club. One manager's actions can and will affect the future managers of that club.
         The primary role of the transfer admins is to stop managers from damaging or even ruining their teams through bad and uninformed transfers. Once ruined, it's very hard to recover the club and make it competitive again.

         In an attempt to alleviate the responsibility of decision for the transfer admins we decided to review our policy on transfer reversals.
         - Deals between experienced managers and deals in which an experienced manager "lost out" will no longer be reversed except for abusive or cheat-like transfers. If, for whatever reason, a manager is purposely ruining his team, we'll have to interfere. Here, experienced manager is any manager with 500 or more manager points.
         - Deals between inexperienced managers and deals in which an inexperienced manager "lost out" will continue to be monitored as usual and we will interfere like we have been doing so far when faced with an unacceptable deal... protecting the new managers from being "ripped off" and the game as a whole. Here, inexperienced manager is any manager with less than 500 manager points.
         - Auctions will not be reversed except in case of error, bug or abuse/cheat or an excessive offer made by an inexperienced manager.
         - Deals between managers who share the same IP(s) and/or computer(s) will be reversed with no exception.

     * What's an acceptable deal and what is not?
         An acceptable deal is any deal in which both clubs receive a useful asset. That asset can be a fair amount of money... it can be a player with decent current or future value and skills... it can even be a group of slightly less decent players or even a mix of any of these scenarios.
         An unacceptable deal is any deal in which one of the clubs, managed by an inexperienced manager, loses a lot in value and/or usefulness. Some examples would be:
         - Giving little money for a player who is worth much more.
         - Giving players who are considerably worse than the ones you receive.
         - Giving many useless players in exchange for a better one. No matter how many times you multiply zero, it will always be zero.
         - Giving very old players who will very likely retire before they can be useful to their new team in exchange for younger ones.

Please note that the decision of a transfer admin is final and not open for discussion. An admin may act as required to maintain the state of the game and is not required to answer to the demands of the community, if such a situation arises.


     You can check your clubs finances page on your office, this will show you the following:
         - Gate receipts and league points (income)
         - Sponsors (income)
         - P/X transfer fees (income and expeditures)
         - Money transfers (income and expeditures)
         - Auction transfers (income and expeditures)
         - Free transfer fees (expeditures)
         - Wages and fixed league costs (expeditures)

     You will also find an overview of the below items:
         - Bank balance
         - Player salary costs
         - Other match costs
         - Total match expenditure
         - Amount of league prize remaining to be paid
         - Current escrow balance
         - Weekly training costs
         - Total auction maximum bids (including potential signing fees)

     6.1 Expenses

         - Wages:
             The player wage is a reflection of how skilled (and in demand) the player is. The minimum player wage is set to £5,000. You can see the total wage expenditures of your team in the team info page.
Players wages are paid only when your team plays a league match (not on friendlies and not on cup either).

         - Fixed Expenditures:
             The fixed expenditures include ground maintenance, administration, travel expenses, etc. There are no other matchday expenses (although there are potential other costs relating to the Training Facilities).

                 DIVISION 1 - £950,000 per league match
                 DIVISION 2 - £675,000 per league match
                 DIVISION 3 - £475,000 per league match
                 DIVISION 4 - £290,000 per league match

                 Cup matches and International matches have no expenditures.

         - Purchasing players:
             The cost is equal to the cost of the transfer plus the signing fee (if applicable).

     6.2 Incomes

         - Gate receipts
             Note: Gate receipts are only given when playing at home, not away, and only in league competition (except the cup, see below).

             Division 1   £3,750,000 per match
             Division 2   £2,700,000 per match
             Division 3   £2,100,000 per match
             Division 4   £1,600,000 per match
             Cup          £2,000,000 per match (For both teams)

         - Points
             Division 1 £550,000 per point
             Division 2 £450,000 per point
             Division 3 £325,000 per point
             Division 4 £225,000 per point

         - Competition Winning
             Cup                      £8,000,000 for the Winner £3,000,000 for the runner up position

         - Player selling
             Equal to the cost of the transfer.

     6.3 Being in debt
         Being in debt is a very serious situation and you should avoid it at any cost. While your team is in debt (if you have below £0 cash) you will get no manager points and will lose 5 of your points for every match you have. Also all your players will get all their skills reduced with 10% until you are on positive numbers again. Of course, since you have no money you cannot purchase any players which are not available for free transfer.

     6.4 Sponsors
         A sponsorship deal is a contract between the club and the sponsor which involves weekly payment for a fixed period of time. They payment is made every Wednesday at 05:00 CET and new sponsorship deals will be offered twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays at 05:00 CET. A deal between a club and a sponsor can not be cancelled. Each team can only have two active deals at the same time. Some sponsors will only make offers to clubs that play at a certain level.

     6.5 League Prize
         At the end of every season, starting season 31, clubs will receive a monetary prize based on their division and final league position. This money is given as a reward for league competitiveness and is distributed as follows:
             - 50% of the prize money is paid during the season update.
             - 50% of the prize money is split evenly and paid throughout the season every Friday.

             You can see the league positions and respective prize in millions on the following table:

League Position Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 Div 4
1st 25 13 10 7
2nd 15 12 9 6
3rd 14 11 8 5
4th 13 10 7 4
5th 12 9 6 3
6th 11 8 5 2
7th 10 7 4.5 1.5
8th 9 6 4 1
9th 8 5 3.5 0.5
10th 7 4 3 0
11th 6 3 2.5 0
12th 5 2 1.5 0


     First of all you would need to know that the information submitted in Football Glory will be kept for Football Glory use only and will not in any way be given to others. No manager is ever allowed to have more than one team at a time in Football Glory. Please do not even try to, as we will eventually find out. Now when this is clear, lets tell you the two ways you can join Football Glory:

     Normal manager:

         This is a free way to play Football Glory. To get a team you have to wait on a queue, until you have more manager points than the other contenders for the same team. Non-paying managers can only change their team once per season and will have to refill their activation points often.

    Paying manager:

         Football Glory is a free game, it is however possible to support the game and sign up as a paying manager. Paying managers will have extra features, these will not affect the chances of winning, but will provide the manager with more views and options and the option to manage a national team and participate in the World Cup. Paying Managers do not get bigger chance of winning matches and trophies, but they get access to several features and tools to make their FG experience more enjoyable. There are quite a lot of advantages for the Paying Managers nowadays which make those who have signed in for PM continue to be Paying Manager again in the following seasons. Here are some of the advantages you get when you are Paying Manager:

        - You'll be hired by teams before nonpaying managers.
        - Ability to apply for teams more than once a season.
        - The opportunity to apply for the manager position of National Teams and compete in the World Cup.
        - Ability to rename the young players at the start of each season.
        - Access to player their career stats and latest form.
        - Mail icon on the side menu that will turn red when you receive a new mail.
        - All your trophies will be displayed on your manager profile.
        - Automatic activation and weekly points.
        - Bigger limit of players to search on the player searching pages.
        - Bigger player shortlist.
        - Club Shortlist.
        - Player Comparission.
        - Access your player's skill development histories.
        - Option to send group mail to all managers in the same division with Football Glory Internal mail.
        - Mail with match results.
        - Other cool stuff...

         If you would like to sign up for paying manager status, please follow this link.

         On a last note I would also like to assure you that neither the funds received from Paying Managers, nor the funds received from the game sponsors are used in lucrative ways, such as salary for the board or any way other than simply affording the expenses incurred in operating Football Glory. Becoming a paying manager is not only the best way to fully enjoy the game, but also the best way to keep the game up and running!

     7.1 Activation Points

         We have had some inactive managers and have made an activation point system which requires more manager participation in order to make the game more fun for the active managers. The activation points are separate from the normal manager point system and do not have any influence on them. In order to fill your activation points to the maximum possible you simply need to log into the game. Every first login of the week will refill the manager's activation points. Paying Managers will receive the activation points automatically every week.

         Every week, on monday, each manager loses one activation point. When the activation points reach 0 the manager is automatically fired..

         The maximum number of activation points a manager can have is defined by their current manager points:.
- From 0 to 50 manager points -> maximum amount of activation points is 5 (this means a manager with less than 50 manager points will be fired if he doesnt log into the game for 5 weeks).
- From 51 to 200 manager points -> maximum amount of activation points is 7 (this means a manager with 51 to 200 manager points will be fired if he doesnt log into the game for 7 weeks).
- Over 200 manager points -> maximum amount of activation points is 10 (this means a manager with more than 200 manager points will be fired if he doesnt log into the game for aprox. 10 weeks).
- Paying Managers -> maximum amount of activation points is 10 regardless of manager points.

     7.2 Awards

         There are no real life awards in Football Glory. The only awards are in the game itself. The awards are given in every group and division in the game. If two managers are tied for getting an award, the one who joined the game earlier will get it. Only Paying Managers will have their awards displayed on the manager profile.

         - Manager of the Month
             Each month the manager who has earned most manager points (including the points from national team matches) in that month wins the award Manager of the Month.

         - Manager of the Season
             At the end of every season the manager with most points accumulated during the season will get the title of Manager of the Season.

         - League finishing position
             The managers who have finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their groups get a gold, silver or bronze cup, which is shown in their profile. First division cups are different from the rest.

         - Cup finishing position
             You will get a nice looking classic-shaped gold or silver cup if you win the Cup or play in the Final.

         - Trophy shield
             The winner of the Charity match gets a big cup in his profile.

         - World Cup
             The most wanted of all trophies. A big ball-shaped trophy in gold, silver and bronze for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd national teams. Remember that to be able to play in the World Cup you need to be a paying manager.

     7.3 Hall Of Fame

         The Hall Of Fame lists the 10 most winning managers in the game. It will also tell you your current position and points even if you are not in the top 10 list. Only managers who are currently in the game are shown. If a manager choose to have his account deleted when he resigns from the game he wont be shown, if he retires from his team but stay on the waiting list he will be shown.

         The following awards give points for the Hall Of Fame list:

             - Finishing League Position:

                 Division 1: winner 48 - runner up 36 - 3rd place 24.
                 Division 2: winner 24
                 Division 3: winner 16
                 Division 4: winner 8

             - The Cup:

                 Winner 40 - runner up 28

             - The Trophy Shield:

                 Winner 20 - runner up 15

             - Manager of the Month:

                 Division 1: 6
                 Division 2: 3
                 Division 3: 2
                 Division 4: 1

             - Manager of the Season:

                 Division 1: 12
                 Division 2: 6
                 Division 3: 4
                 Division 4: 2

             - The World Cup (national teams):

                 Winner 48 - runner up 36

     7.4 Referrals

         If you like our game and would like to make it even better, you can use the user referral system to help advertise and bring in new managers.
For that you only need to send your referral link to your friends or post it in public forums or blogs. The more people see it the more new managers we'll have. Please dont post your link in any places where you are not allowed to.

As a reward for helping bring new managers to the game, for each 3 season payments made by users you referred, you'll receive one free season!
You will also receive free manager points once each of the users you referred reaches 100, 200, 300, 500 and 1000 manager points.
You'll gain 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 points, respectively.

You can find your referrals page in your office.


     - Football Glory Internal Mailssystem (FGM):

         - Read mails: Will be deleted automatically when 10 days old.
         - Mails in personal folder: Will never be deleted.
         - To keep FGM's they need to be saved to the personal folder.

     - Cheating:

         In the Game you may only access your own Account. Logging into any other Account, directly or indirectly will be taken as breaking of this Agreement and is punishable by removal from the game in the form of Account closure.

         -Forms of accessing an Account other than your own include, but are not limited to: :

             - Account Sharing: Allowing anyone besides yourself to access your Account or to access any Account other than your own.
             - Account Swapping: Assuming ownership of an Account not created by yourself.
             - Registering Multiple Accounts: Registering and activating more than 1 Account.

         -In order to prevent your access of an Account other than your own, the following directives are in place:

             - All proxies and anonymizers are considered as direct evidence towards cheating.
             - All interaction between Accounts from the same Internet Protocol (IP) address will be regarded as direct evidence towards cheating.

         Other instances of cheating will be determined by and at the discretion of the Football Glory staff and administrators. Cheating is punishable by Account closure.

     - Keeping the game up and running:

         Football Glory is absolutely free. No money will be charged for participating, hence there will be no prizes either. Whatever money we make from the banners is used to help afford the game's expenses, in order to allow us to run the game. It is also possible to sign up as a paying manager and get extra features, although these feature will not affect your chances of winning, but will provide the manager with more views and options and he has the option of managing an available National Team in the World Cup competition.

     - General rules:

         Every manager is required to follow some general rules of behavior which are common sense for interacting in a public place. The general rules forbid insulting, provocation, slander and other behaviors that the board may consider inappropriate in a public forum. The board may take any action they consider necessary or appropriate against players who do not follow these general behavior rules.
         Please remember that participating in Football Glory is not a right, but a privilege, and as such you should make a simple effort to keep that privilege, even if you are a paying manager.

     - The Forum

         The forum, although part of Football Glory, is a separate part in which you can post your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and everything you need. The forum has its own separate rules, but once again you are asked to behave in a friendly cooperative way or you may get your privileges reduced and/or restricted. As the forum is a place in which everyone is allowed to post his/her ideas as long as they are expressed in a polite way. It is sometimes impossible to avoid confrontations and other bad relationships among managers. The forums have several moderators to try to avoid this, and forum users must respect the moderators' decisions.

     - The Announcements

         The team, national team and player announcements pages are a place in which managers can place announcements regarding their teams, players, future intentions, transfers, or any other relevant information they think of in english only. Football Glory is not responsible in any way of the information posted with this method and only the author is responsible for it. Regardless, the board will monitor these announcements and reserves the right to edit, delete or take any other action they find appropriate regarding inappropriate postings (including insulting, illegal or provacative posts) with or without prior notice. As usual, common sense prevails as a general rule and if managers stick to it there should not be any problem. If you find any post that you think breaks any of these rules, please contact the board and NOT the manager personally, the board will then analyse the situation and decide which is the best thing to do.
         Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to, profanity, swearing, insults, pornography, copyrighted material, politics, religion, racism, badly formatted text that might interfere with the overall look of the pages, etc.

         The announcements accept most html tags and you can take advantage of that to make some good looking announcements, of course, always using proper content.

     - Enjoy the game

         This is actually the most important rule, have fun at Football Glory!