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Welcome to Football Glory - The ultimate football manager game!

Football Glory is an online football management game. You become manager of a football team and seek to win as many matches, competitions and trophies as you possibly can. In doing this, you will need to manage your team, buying and selling players and arranging tactics. Transfers and loans will have to be negotiated with other managers by communicating with them. You can do this either by using our internal mail system (FGM), or ICQ, or MSN, or Facebook, or Twitter or any other way you see fit!

When a manager job becomes available within the game the managers have 24 hours to apply for the vacant job. Once you log in you'll see the "Club Team Applications" link in your Office page. This is where you can apply to a vacant club. The job is given to the manager with the most manager points. In case of even points, the job is given to the manager that applied first.

We have a friendly community where interaction and communication play an important part in success. Please feel free to browse the website and sign up on the discussion forums to learn more about the game and start making friends :)

The team vacancies will be available for application in your game office, once logged in.
It is possible to sign up as a paying manager and get extra features, these will not affect the chances of winning but will provide the manager with more views and options and paying managers get teams before others, furthermore paying manager have the chance to manage a national team.

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